At BSI, each cake is

Meticulously crafted,
southern-styled & flavourful

BSI Muffins

About Us

Ibukun got introduced to, and fell in love with authentic southern cuisine during her two and a half year stay in Louisiana, USA.

Asides the fact that all the cakes at BSI are southern-styled, every cake is tasty based on its infused flavours, and not on sugar content. 


BSI Red Velvet Flavour
Red velvet

Super moist and a forever favorite. It is a very light chocolate cake with a southern twist. It is a must have on your menu.

Bkay Sweets Indulgence Chocolate Cake

Moist, dark, fluffy and very chocolatey; how a chocolate cake should be! Can be paired with chocolate or vanilla butter cream.


Bkay's Sweet Samples